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Hall History

Official Hall Opening: 3rd November 1974 at 3.00pm by Cr D. C. McIntosh – Mayor of the City of Waverley

Scouting Officials:
Bruce Stanaway
Group Leader 2nd Glen Waverley Jim Ray
Group Leader 4th Glen Waverley Hylton Fawcett

Project Highlights:
1970 Hall site in Appletree Reserve (later Napier Park) Allocated by Waverley City Council.
1973 Waverley City Council granted land use permit, Building Works Commenced September.
1974 Use of Hall by both Scout Groups Commenced August.

Project Team:
Hall Design & Specifications - Brian Saunders
Technical & Planning - Laurie Owen
Council Building Surveyor - Frank Terrins
Building Contractor - F & I White Pty. Ltd.
Electrical Contractor - Alan G. MacFarlane

List of historical events for 2nd Glen Waverley:

Date Scout Group Event
1965 4th Waverley & 6th Waverley Scout Groups formed.
1967 4th Waverley Scout Group formed by the amalgamation of 4th Waverley & 6th Waverley Scout Groups in a ceremony on 24th September 1967 at Lambert's Paddock.  The combined Scout Group took the name of 4th Waverley and retained the 6th Waverley scarf.
1970 Hall site allocated to 4th Waverley Scout Group by the Waverley City Council.

The name of 4th Waverley changed to 4th Glen Waverley on the formation of a separate Glen Waverley District.

Meeting of 4th Glen Waverley parents on 16th November decided to finacne Hall Construction by loans from parents themselves.

1972 4th Glen Waverley Scout Co-operative Limited formed on the 2nd October at a meeting held at the home of Arthur Fuller.
1973 Land use permit granted by the Waverley City Council and plans and specifications approved.

Building commenced September 1973.

11/06/1973 Glen Waverley Scout Council sends letter to the parents of some 700 boys on the District waiting list for Cubs.
05/07/1973 Meeting held at 1st Syndal Scout hall (48 parents).
20/07/1973 Inaugural Group Committee meeting held at the home of Jim Ray.
17/08/1973 Area Commissioner (W. P. Dawson) informed the District Commissioner (Bruce Stanaway) that the New Group had been registered and that the chosen Scarf design had been approved.
02/10/1973 Name of 2nd Glen Waverley Scout Group formerly adopted. Ladies auxiliary formed to conduct Fundraising.
31/10/1973 First 8 Cubs invested into the Group.
01/03/1974 First 8 Scouts invested into the Group at the Larpent Street Hall.
05/03/1974 First Annual General Meeting.
20/06/1974 Special meeting of parents held. It was unanimously agreed to enter into a 50/50 agreement with 4th Glen Waverley Scout Hall.
03/11/1974 Napier Park Scout Hall officially opened by the Mayor of Waverley, Don C. McIntosh.
03/04/1975 Max Miller first 2nd Glen Waverley leader to gain the Woodbadge.
April 1979 Ladies Auxiliary disbanded due to lack of support.
Mar 1981 First girls join the Napier Park Venturer Unit following the collapse of the Highvale Ranger Guide Unit.
--/09/1984 Extensions to the Napier Park Scout Hall competed. The project involved the addition of two store/utility rooms to the southern end of the hall together with the refitting of the existing storerooms as a Venturer Den.
13/09/1991 18 Cub Scouts from our Group attended the weekend Cuboree held at Gillwell Park to celebrate 75 years of cubing in Australia.
03/01/1992 15 boys and 1 leader attended the 16th Australian Jamboree held in Ballarat.
01/04/1992 The project to move the partition wall between the Rover Den and the Leaders Room to facilitate the repositioning of the Leaders Room off the main hall rather that the foyer was completed.
04/07/1992 The Project to concrete the area leading up to the front door of the hall, along the side of the hall and the entrance to the 2nd Glen Waverley Garage was completed.
21/07/1992 Inaugural meeting of the 2nd Glen Waverley Joey Mob.  (11 boys and 2 girls).
01/12/1992 First girl Cub Scout transferred into our Cub Scout Pack.
27/05/1993 Our Group received the Chief Commissioner’s Award in recognition of the Group experiencing the largest growth in youth membership of all Groups in the Glen Waverley District for the previous 12 months.
15/11/1993 Major Hall Refurbishment Project under the direction of the Napier Park Hall Management Committee. The scope of this project included the complete refurbishment of the main hall, (including the floor), toilets, kitchen, leader’s room foyer and the creation of a chair store. All exterior timber, garage doors and plumbing were repainted.
28/07/1994 Napier Park Scout Hall judged the 2nd in the Annual "Brewster Award" competition. The award relates to the Scout Halls within the Sommers Area, which demonstrates participation by youth members and the care with which the hall is maintained.
04/08/1994 First Girl Scout transferred into our Scout Troop.
30/12/1994 12 boys and 2 leaders attended the 17th Australian Jamboree, held in Perth.
14/04/1995 4 Patrols and Leaders attended the "Stradbroke" Competition Camp held at Gillwell Park over the Easter weekend. For the first time in the Group’s history, all 4 Patrols were awarded a Gold Pennant.
Nov 1995 2nd & 4th Glen Waverley Scout Groups merge retaining 2nd's name & colours.
03/02/1997 2nd Glen Waverley attended the 18th Australian Jamboree held in Brisbane.
June 1999 Napier Park Scout Hall received a Special Commendation in the "Keeble" Good Housekeeping Award.
July 1999 5 Venturers Awarded their Queens Scout Badge in one evening Presentaion.
01/12/1999 The Project to add a partition to the 4th Store to facilitate a storage area for the external hall tenants.
01/03/2000 Black Flats Rover Crew recommenced meeting at Napier Park after a recess.
May 2000 Napier Park Scout Hall, Heating / Cooling installed.
29/05/2000 A Scout Patrol awarded 2nd place in the Sandown Bike Hike.
04/07/2000 Our Scout Hall received first place in the Keeble Good Housekeeping Award for excellence.
-/03/2002 Cub Scouts awarded 1st place at Sandown Formula Bike.

Venturer Unit awarded 2nd place at Sandown Formula Bike.

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